The following is a summary of our current projects, either in development or preparing for release.

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Untitled: Fukushima Project

On March 11, 2011, 9.0 magnitude earthquake severely damaged Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The five years following the accident saw continued leaks of contaminated air and water from the facility, in addition to a series of government coverups and a significant rise in cancer rates. This resulted in a worldwide movement against nuclear energy and to a rise in the use of renewable energy.

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Untitled: Tibetan Project

For years, the Tada Temple has remained an undisturbed gem in the mountains of eastern Tibet. However, as Chinese developers completed a road leading to the temple, Buddhist leader Tsewang Jirme Rinpoche has begun work to preserve his aging culture. Through reconstructing his own temple and the Derge Parkhang printing press, he sees the road not as a burden, but rather a way to attract new followers going into the future.


Untitled: chinese medicine project

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a centuries old method of using ancient techniques in order to heal the body. As more advanced medical treatments begin to lose their effectiveness on today’s patients, many hospitals are looking into these old methods as a way to establish a new form of integrative medicine.